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Thứ Năm, 21 tháng 11, 2013


·         Direct Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM)
·         Direct Selling Association Singapore (DSAS)
·         Direct Selling Association Philippines (DSAP)
·         Malaysian Direct Distributor Association (MDDA)
·         Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM)
·         Hong Kong Health Food Association (HKHFA)
·         Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore (HSIAS)
·         Contact Centre World Platinum Member (QNET Global Support Centre)
·         Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association (Malaysia) (QNET Global Support Centre)

·         The Internet Show eCommerce Website Awards – Finalist (2011)
·         Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards – Best Trainer (2011)
·         Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards – Best Team (2011)
·         Networking Times Master Networker (2011)
·         Contact Centre World – Certificate in Best Practices (2011)
·         Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards – Brand Marketing (2010)
·         Recognition as one of the leading direct selling companies in Indonesia, by DUIT! entrepreneur magazine (2010)
·         CaseTrust (Storefront) accreditation for Good Business Practices (2009)
·         Caring Company Award by Hong Kong Council of Social Service (2007-11)

·         Independent Entrepreneurs Cyber Convention (IECC) – Keynote Speaker (QNET Executive Chairperson)
·         Asia eCommerce Conference – Keynote Speaker (Chief Operating Officer)
·         The Internet Show – Sponsor; Keynote Speaker (Chief Operating Officer)
·         Consumer Association of Singapore Event (CASE) – Sponsor
·         Network Marketing Mastermind Event, U.S.A. – Keynote Speaker (Executive Chairperson)
·         Elite Network Marketing Conference (ENMC) – Sponsor; Keynote Speaker (Executive Chairperson)
·         Network Marketing Conference – Keynote Speaker (Executive Chairperson)
·         Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference – Official eCommerce Partner
·         Dubai Direct Selling Festival – Participant
·         World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) World Conference – Participant
·         Google Atmosphere Conference, U.S.A. – Participant
·         Contact Centre World Best Practices Conference, U.S.A. – Participant

·         VeriSign SSL & ESSL Security protocols
·         Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)
·         CyberTrust Security accreditation
·         Mobile apps, platforms & mCommerce
·         2FA security employed
·         Logistics hubs with advance computerised Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) in Hong Kong, Malaysia & United Arab Emirates

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